Expert System

  • It is a system designed to support both lecture and laboratory experiment simultaneously in one environment.
  • It provides tools to prepare online teaching materials for lectures and experiments. Simultaneously, it is a suitable teaching environment where lecturers can present the online teaching materials effectively and demonstrate new image processing concepts by showing real examples. Moreover, in the same environment, students can carry out experiments interactively by following the online instruction prepared by lecturer.
  • It also is designed to assist research and application development with a visual programming environment.

Studies show that the image processing theory can be explained most effectively by visual means, and that it is necessary to complement the theory with computer-based experiments. Moreover some researchers found that the laboratory exposure before the theoretical treatment begins is most effective. It helps students understand the theory more clearly and easily. Consequently, we introduced an environment, MTES, that is suitable for teaching, learning and research development. It is a software that bridges the gap between complex image processing algorithms and the developing environment. Moreover, it helps the student to learn by immersing into the algorithm developing, while simplifying the required the learning curve.

  • It removes artifact automatically from face image.
  • It is an expert system.

We propose a framework, namely Digital Cosmetic System (DCS) that provides a user a simple and efficient way to enhance facial region along with diminishing unwanted artifacts on digital images to have a better and smatter look with little user interaction, time and effort.

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