Intelligent Filter


We propose a framework, namely Digital Cosmetic System (DCS) that provides a user a simple and efficient way to enhance facial region along with diminishing unwanted artifacts on digital images to have a better and smatter look with little user interaction, time and effort.

In this researche we propose a framework that integrates face detection, facial feature segmentation, intelligent filter design and control mechanisms into a single processing framework that requires minimal user assistance. For the design, we adopt the blackboard based expert system architecture. For a specified task, the current conditions of different parts of the image are analyzed and then a specific filter for can remove artifacts and can enhance the face image automatically, overall frame work is showing the follow flowchart.



International Conference:

▷ Mohammad Shoyaib, Jo Moo Youl, Mohammad Abdullah-AI-Wadud, Oksam Chae, “A framework for digital cosmetic system”, Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Interaction Sciences, Pages 664-669,ICIS 2009, Seoul, Korea, 24-26 Nov 2009.

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