● Image processing program MTES (Kor/Eng ver.)

download MTES beta 2.0.1 with openCV (2017-04-11)

How to fix errors of OpenCV DLL in MTES beta 2.0.1

MTES OpenCV Functions

— old version —

download MTES beta 2.0 with openCV (2016-04-20)

download MTES beta 1.4 with openCV (2014-06-07)

● MTES manuals

Korean Ver_160420

— old version —

Korean ver.

English ver.



Dark Image Enhancement

▷ Adin Ramirez Rivera, Byungyong Ryu and Oksam Chae, “Content-Aware Dark Image Enhancement through Channel Division,” IEEE Transactions on Image Processing.

● Betacam Dropout Video Database (NAK, National Archives of Korea)

▷ Download Here


Channel Division Code

– MD5: c90713b12c4497ca6f459f8810b8c9a0 (using this)

– Warning: Please that this is a executable-only code (in MATLAB form) for evaluation purposes of our Channel Division algorithm, we expect to upload the full source code shortly.

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