Medical Image Processing

Tooth segmentation

3D visualization of teeth from CT images provides important assistance for dentists performing orthodontic surgery and treatment. However,dental CT images present several major challenges for the segmentation of tooth,which touches with adjacent teeth as well as surrounding periodontium and jaw bones. Moreover,tooth contour suffers from topological changes and splits into several branches. In this work, we focus on the segmentation of individual teeth with complete crown and root parts.

  • Finds tooth contours from each CT slice.
  • Jaw bone and tooth on it can be separated.
  • It is our goal that all tooth should be segmented exactly and automatically.


3D visualization

3D visualization from the geometry elements pre-extracted from the volumetric data is called surface rendering. Using surface rendering we make the pre-extracted geometry elements into 3d object. For the tooth reconstruction, the branching of the tooth contour from one to multiple has been a big issue.

  • When we find the tooth contour, we can visualize it.
  • Each tooth should be an independent object.
  • We can manipulate 3D objects which can be rotated, moved, and tortured.

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